Lake Maggiore Flying Experience

People have always been attracted to and fascinated by this experience. The world seen from above seems so different, and the colours are brighter than we could ever imagine. Let’s admire a unique landscape from a helicopter, and discover how distances are pretty relative!

And what about the shapes? Try to imagine flying over Lake Maggiore and discovering that there are more than just the Borromeo Islands in our lake: in fact, besides the most famous islands – Bella, Madre and Pescatori – there are also some lesser known islands: the Brissago Islands in Switzerland, the Castles of Cannero islands, and the tiny Partegora Island in the southern part of the lake. Imagine gazing at our beloved lake from above while listening to stories of people who lived here a long time ago, such as the pirates who might have taken shelter in the Cannero Castles.
Look how easy it is to glide over the 4,800ft-high Mottarone without any effort and then reach Lake Orta, to discover the legend of Saint Giulio and his island which – today as in the past – has been facing the romantic village Orta San Giulio.
They’re quite close, but there is enough distance to keep the island quiet and relaxing.

What about the Giants of the Alps? Mount Rosa (15,209ft), the Weisshorn Alps (14,780 ft), the Matterhorn (14.691 ft), the Mischabel-Weissmies belt with 11 peaks higher than 13,000 ft, including the Dom, the Aletch-Bietchhorn chain (up to 13,700ft) and the famous alpine passes of Theodulo, Simplon, Grimsel, Furka, Gotthard and San Bernardino…

With us you may fly among these titans: look down at the ancient routes used by people of the past and discover what made them emigrate, contemplate the vast glaciers – including the Aletsch, which is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site -, see the steep alpine walls up close, and fly over the Gotthard and Bernardino passes to get back to the Swiss lake. Reach the places where only eagles fly, and get a close-up look at crystalline cascading water from the mighty Toce waterfall.

But let’s go back to Piedmont:
The Piedmont region isn’t big at all! With its 9,806 sq.-mi surface, it is not even half the size of Lake Michigan, but this region offers unforgettable landscapes. While others just write about how you can admire a really varied landscape in this region – from the snow-covered Alps to the vineyards-covered hills, passing through flat paddies -, we will show you all of that from above. It’s an experience you will truly enjoy and never forget. We will explain how this territory is so diverse and what that means: together, the morphology, climate, and presence of water and soil diversity all play their part to give us rich typical products that are strongly linked to tradition.
Then… lakes, mountains, hills, glaciers, stone quarries, irrigation channels, squared seas, tiny hamlets and big towns: in Piedmont you will find everything. The Luxury Lake Maggiore guide and the expert pilots of Giana Helicopters would love to show you around our territory so that you can visit, learn about, understand, and appreciate it.


Lake Maggiore: from Italy to Switzerland, from the Saint Charles Borromeo Statue to the Brissago Islands, we’ll see Italy’s longest lake in all its grandeur.

Lake Maggiore and the Borromeo Gulf: let’s admire Isola Bella from above; with its vessel-like shape it seems like it has been navigating for centuries in the Borromeo Gulf. We’ll also see majestic mansions, such as the one on Isola Madre, hidden within amazing gardens and, from the central part of the lake, we’ll be surprised by the Alps which protect us from the cold winds and allow for a Mediterranean microclimate.

The Two Lakes: actually there used to be two, but now there are three! Let’s rise above the shore and reach Lake Orta while seeing Mergozzo Lake along the way, which used to be a branch of the Maggiore but has been an independent lake for centuries. Upon arrival at Lake Orta, the Sacred Mountain and the San Giulio Island will welcome us in a solemn manner.

The Mountains: you can decide depending on what you want to see: the pilot and the guide will give you advice so that you can choose:
— Formazza Valley and River Toce Waterfall (Italy)
— Mount Rosa (Italy or Switzerland or both)
— Matterhorn and Zermatt (Switzerland)
— Furka-Gotthard-Bernardino Passes (Switzerland and Italy)
— Aletch Glacier (Switzerland)

Squared seas: let’s fly above Piedmont’s paddies, where more than 50% of Italian rice is grown. For centuries the rice has been cultivated in this region, on a surface which nowadays covers more than 287,000 acres, and it has become a regional excellence amongst our typical products.

Piedmontese vineyards: in 2014 the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato hills became the fiftieth Italian UNESCO site. They are the beating heart of the Piedmontese wine production. Let’s fly over the homeland of Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco, Arneis, Nebbiolo and other fine wines. There isn’t enough space here to mention all the 20 DOCG* and the over 50 DOC* of our region, and you’re not supposed to drink all of them, but for sure we will accompany you on this pleasant adventure and recommend the right food/wine matching: wine and truffle? Why not? Piedmont is that, and much more.

Lakes and Mountains: a flight to understand how vast the northern part of the Piedmont region actually is.

Any flight upon request: Lake Lugano, Lake Como, Lake Iseo, Lake Garda, Milan, Florence, Genoa, Turin, Verona, Venice… wherever you want to fly, just ask and you’ll get it!