Not very far from Stresa and Lake Maggiore, a unique valley is waiting for you with its landscape and traditions.
Also known as the painters’ valley, thanks to its colours and tiny, romantic villages, Vigezzo is the most renowned valley of all the Ossola valleys. With its unspoiled nature and fascinating history, this valley will surprise you!
Every year there are really engaging events here, such as the Christmas markets and the witches fest, but the most important one – which draws visitors and participants from all over the world – is the International Chimney Sweep Meeting.
One of the ways to reach the valley is to travel with the Vigezzo Vision train: a panoramic train which has been connecting Domodossola and Locarno since 1923. Enjoying a trip through woods and small, romantic towns, we’ll decide whether to spend all day in the mountains, or travel on to Lake Maggiore, or go back and explore the amazing old town of Domodossola.