Because I’m a person! I’m not one of those many impersonal, overwhelming, and cold booking systems that are spread out worldwide. I’m not a computer! I’m a real licensed and experienced Lake Maggiore tour guide and Piedmont tour leader, in the flesh. Actually my licenses allow me to travel with you all over the world, but that’s another story (by the way, if you want to visit Europe or other countries with a professional tour leader and you need some support, suggestions or help, feel free to write me. I’ll be glad to help you!)
You can interact with me, express your preferences, make wishes, ask as many questions as you want, express doubts, ask for opinions and change the program. I really want to share my knowledge and experience with you, and prepare the perfect schedule together so you can discover the Piedmont Region and Lake Maggiore area, also with other selected professional guides. The word “impossible” simply doesn’t exist in my vocabulary!
I have been living in the lake region since I was born. Thanks to my job, I travel a lot all over the world. But as L. Frank Baum wrote, “there is no place like home!”: especially when your home is in Stresa and Lake Maggiore, whose islands greet me every morning and wish me a wonderful day.
My greatest aspiration is to present the Italian lake district and the Piedmont Region to you, so you can learn about them, experience unforgettable moments in this area and hopefully fall in love with my homeland.